Salt & Spice
Colour, Aroma, Flavour.
Local Faversham business owner Dan, was keen to give Faversham a shop it does not already have. Dan (A keen home cook, BBQ griller and one time chef for a spell) had an idea burning away in his mind
ever since his overland (Dan doesn't fly!) extensive world travels, experiencing the 'Souks' and Markets of countries he travelled through like : Eastern Europe, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Nepal, Tibet, 
Thailand and Malaysia among many others. 
These Markets and Bazaars are filled with Herb and Spice merchants selling their goods from all over the globe. The dream was to recreate this Aladdin's cave of colour, aroma and flavours in Faversham. 
Opening in 2017 at Standard Quay in Faversham Kent, the Salt & Spice Shop, offers a huge range of 'single origin' herbs and spices that can be purchased loose by the gram. A large selection of dried chillies from around the world, 
Dehydrated fruit for cooking, snacking or for use in drinks and cocktails, Gourmet salts, Finishing Salts and Salt blends as well as a growing range (currently over 85) of our globally inspired 'Blends', which are freshly hand blended in store! 
Everything from classic regional Barbeque Rubs, Curry Masalas (powders), Herb blends, Meat seasonings and even blends for baking! Everything is here from Apple Pie Spice, through Roast Potato Seasoning, our KAYEFFCEE Southern Fried Chicken Coating to middle eastern Za'Atar.  
5 years later, 2022 sees Salt & Spice now supplying our blends to retail, butchers, farm shops, food halls as well as supplying the trade in bulk/catering sizes to restaurants, street food traders and bars and pubs. 
Also 2022 sees the re launch of our online store. Salt and Spice Online can now ship our freshly packed blends and rubs direct to your door, as well as Gift sets, Gift Cards and more! 
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